What we offer

We supply digital signage software to all types of companies both for indoor and outdoor signage. Indoor menu board systems, corporate messaging within building, indoor and outdoor pillar signs and digital billboards among some of hardware we power.

Working together with our hardware partners we are creating a digital world.

What makes us unique?

Digital Signage content management

Content Management

Our online portal will allow you to create, upload content already developed and schedule to your network of screens at pre- determined times. Dynamic text fields can be built in to avoid the unnecessary need to redeploy a full presentation if only text fields need changed. Beneficial to all types of business owners.

Digital Signage demographic view report

Customer demographics

By utilising face profiling technology we have the ability to give users information on the demographic looking at adverts. Number of eyeballs, male/female and age range. This technology will then enable you to match adverts to your demographic. In many cases the camera technology is already pre installed in the screens.

Digital Signage Proof of Display, proof of play

Proof of display

Many people in the digital signage sector struggle in confirming that an advert has actually been verified and played. Most software suppliers can give proof of play but at Vojo we can offer proof of display through our Vojo Eye technology. This unique piece of technology confirms that the advert has played and been validated as a play.