Captivating Digital Signage Campaigns

Digital Signage has come a long way since it’s inception, if you wish to read up on the History of Digital Signage click here, with many campaigns being used to raise product awareness and drive brand engagement.

Through the advancement of digital signage technology such as the physical screens becoming stronger, portable and having internet connectivity and the advancement of Content Management Systems

Pepsi Bus Shelter Augmented Reality

Waiting on a bus on an average day can seem like a necessity of life that we have all had to deal with. Perhaps we have arrived too early or just missed the bus we had so carefully planned to reach on time.

Pepsi made it their goal to engage with those who found themselves waiting on their bus through a creative use of digital signage that become known as their #livefornow campaign. Pepsi combined a Digital out-of-home kiosk with the environment around it through the use of augmented reality. To the passer-by the digital screen looked like a regular bus shelter window, however those that were waiting for their bus were in for a surprise!

The bus passenger believed they were looking through a regular window to be greeted by alien activity. Tentacles would appear to break through the ground and drains and interact with their surroundings.

This was intended to shock the audience and remind them to #livefornow.

The Coughing Billboard – Hjartat

Hjartat, a Swedish Pharmacy, decided to take a more creative approach to tackling the health issue of smoking. Hjartat aimed to help members of the public reduce their amount of smoking through the use of digital signage.

They combined a Digital out-of-home kiosk with smoke detecting technology. If a member of the public would pass the near to the screen whilst smoking, the technology would react by playing footage of a man coughing. This intended to highlight that smoking impacts those that are around you. After the footage of the coughing man was activated, products displayed on the screen that are designed to quit smoking. These products included; patches, gum and a variety of other products.

This is an example of how digital signage can be used to directly engage with your target audience.

Facebook’s Pride Display

Facebook Israel installed Digital out-of-home kiosks to showcase user generated content for the event. Through the use of digital signage, they were able to showcase positive and creative content around the city that represented the event. Thereby engaging with the members of the public to a greater extent.

People were encouraged to share their experiences, voices and ideas relating to Gay Pride week. This was a creative and modern method of empowering users thought the use of Digital Signage.