Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vojo Media?

Vojo Media is a user-centric content management software platform designed to work seamlessly with digital signage and digital menu boards. Through Vojo you are able to reduce your stress levels when it comes to communicating to your target audinece. Vojo gives you the ability to upload or create your own content and schedule it to the time and location that suits you. Vojo technology has been designed to integrate with point of sales devices. When you make a change on your point of sales device this change will be visible on your digital signage. If your business is working from a spreadsheet baseline, you have the ability to directly upload your spreadsheet and integrate this into your digital signage displays. When you make a change on your spreadsheet simply re-upload this and the change of details will be registered.

What is Digital Signage?

Wikipedia describes digital signage as: Digital signage is a sub-segment of signage. Digital signs use technologies such as LCD, LED and Projection to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media, and information. They can be found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings etc, to provide way finding, exhibitions, marketing and outdoor advertising. Here at Vojo we like to describe digital signage as the transitional future of current signage. There are many aspects to digital signage:

  • Hardware: the physical components such as the digital display and media player.
  • Software: this is where Vojo Media steps in. The content management system that allows you to schedule your content.
  • Content: the creative design and material that you wish to display.
  • Installation: the physical act of installing the screens, media players and ensuring the cabling is appropriate.

What are Digital Menu Boards?

Digital menu boards are the modern progression of traditional static menu boards. Digital menu boards are regularly referred to as tv menu boards or dynamic menu boards. Digital menu boards provide the business with a host of benefits which are centred around of ease of use. When using traditional menu boards the business would need to commission a complete new set of menu boards to adjust for any change in price. However, when using digital menu boards the business simply needs to log onto the Vojo network and change the appropriate prices through a few simple clicks.

Will training be provided on how to use the Vojo platform?

Training will be provided as part of the on-boarding process for new clients. A comprehensive 1-to-1 training session will take part once installation has been completed. Additional training sessions can be requested as a reminder session or when an update has been released that will aid in understanding of the new features set.

What type of Digital Screens are compatible with Vojo technology?

Any modern digital screen will be compatible with Vojo technology. Vojo can connect through HDMI and VGA ports. If your business does not currently own any digital screens, we will provide you with recommendations as part of the site survey. We work closely with our partners to ensure we are providing you with the highest value during every step of this process.

What type of content can I use?

With Vojo technology you can use: text, photos, attention-grabbing motion graphics and video clips. On the Vojo platform you are able to create your own marketing materials, for example, you can create your own digital menu boards from scratch or you can create branding videos to use on social media channels. These creations can either be uploaded to your screens or downloaded onto your computer and used across which platform you wish.

Can my Digital Signage display separate messages from each other?

Yes they can. During the 1-to-1 training session on the Vojo platform you will shown how to effectively schedule the content for each screen. You have the ability to schedule different content and different times of the day along with different days of the week. You can also choose to display the same messages at the same time across your digital signage if you wish to.

Is there a limit to the number of Digital Signs I can have on the Vojo network?

Not at all. You can have as many screens connected to the Vojo platform that you need. In fact, depending on how many screens you wish to have connected this may reduce cost per Vojo license at the time of quotation during the recommendation process.

Can I swap from my current provider to Vojo Media?

Of course. This transition will be as seamless as possible. If you are interested in making this swap please contact the Vojo team for a chat and depending on your situation a site survey may be recommended. This will allow the Vojo specialist to have a better understanding of what your specific requirements are.

What to expect when you receive your quotation from us?

Every quotation that is sent out to our new customers are exclusive of VAT, furthermore unless agreed delivery of any and all goods shall be Ex Works Northern Ireland.